Reduce the human risk in your organization

Reducing the human risk with people-centric training ensures that your users have the knowledge they need to:

Recognize Threats

Give your people the skills to easily and quickly recognize phishing emails.

Stay Secure

Learn the keys to strong passwords, secure credentials and how to protect sensitive data.

Prevent Data Loss

Protect and safely handle personal information.

Erase Privacy Risk Issues

Your clients trust you to protect their data, guarantee this trust with informed and proactive cybersecurity aware people.

Protect Your Organization

Create a culture of cyber security with engaging and modern training technologies.

Become Security Ambassadors

Employees become part of the solution and help protect the organization.

Train Cyber Heroes. Develop Cyber Security Aware Culture. Reduce The Human Risk. Protect Your Organization.

Why does my business need cyber security awareness training?

Security Awareness Training: Ransomware

Ransomware has become a popular tactic for cyber criminals to lock users out of their computers or other devices and extract huge sums of money from the victims.

Suspicious ransomware transactions averaged roughly $2.2 million per day in 2021

One in every five employees clicks on phishing email links, according to the latest Gone Phishing Tournament results.

Everyone should have the knowledge they need to safeguard sensitive information in the face of these and other cyber attacks.

Ensuring your business is cyber ready is the best way to avoid attacks.

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Why choose Terranova

Because Microsoft did!

A baseline phishing test that tests your employees' security knowledge & guide your company's security awareness training strategy

Access to Terranova Secuirty resource & support materials, which aid in your programme planning

Engaging, multilingual training content, offered in a variety of modules and formats, so you benefit from Increased participation, reduced risks and changed behaviour!

Phishing training modules, Including real-world simulations, ideal for teaching practical know-how & tracking employee progress

Reinforcement tools that create more learning opportunities, with consistent, impactful messaging (newsletters, infographics, videos and more)

Dynamic, real-time reporting that enables data-driven security decisions. Ensure your company is on track to meeting its security goals!

Step 1: Analyze

Analyze your organization’s needs and objectives and develop a cyber security awareness program that generates results.

Step 2: Plan

Plan your program to stay on track and engage your workforce as well as your stakeholders.

Step 3: Deploy

Deploy an effective training initiative and witness behavior change as it happens.

Step 4: Measure

Measure the performance of your program against your objectives and demonstrate progress to stakeholders.

Step 5: Optimize

Optimize campaigns accordingly and update your program to incorporate new insight.

Key pillars ensuring our success

NOTE: This methodology is proprietrary to Terranova Security. The 5 steps are the methodology behind building a successful cyber awareness training program.

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About us

The cyber academy (TCA) is the proud Africa distributor for the Terranova Security Cyber awareness training platform.

With years of experience in building cyber resilience and capacity for our clients the TCA now offers you the best of breed in global cyber awareness training.

Terranova Security, by HelpSystems, has been transforming the world’s end users into cyber heroes for more than 20 years
Using their proven pedagogical framework, they empower organizations worldwide to implement training programs that change user behaviors, reduce the human risk factor, and counter cyber threats effectively.

Terranova Security makes it easy to build risk-based campaigns that feature the industry’s highest-quality training content and real-world phishing simulations. As a result, any employee can better understand phishing, social engineering, data privacy, compliance, and other critical best practices. We transform your staff from being potential liabilities to your business into company assts and cyber heroes.

Join our global family of cyber heroes and ensure that your company improves its cyber posture and protects its most valuable business assets.


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