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The Cyber Academy Solution

Interactive training and lessons from ethical hackers are what ensure deep understanding and long-term Cyber Academy course retention. Our multi-media approach clearly educates attendees on the do’s and don’ts of using business IT infrastructure. Informative handouts contains key takeaways and practical tips that will assist users to make the correct choices in difficult situations and foster good habits company wide. Our team of experts brings a unique skill set and a wealth of experience in information security, technological expertise and real-life ethical hacking experience.

Are you certain your company is
as protected as possible?

The incidence of cyber attacks is exponentially growing in sophistication and frequency around the world. Not a day goes past without a large multinational corporate experiencing some form of cyber warfare. Expert training and a close understanding of current cyber warfare trends has become crucial to the survival strategy of organisations and nations worldwide.

With hackers updating and changing their attack methods at an astonishing rate, field experience proves invaluable when preparing for inevitable breaches. The Cyber Academy educates everyone, from staff with basic technology skills to your expert IT specialists, on how to protect themselves and the business from criminals looking to gain illegal access. Our trainers have real-world hacking experience and remain thoroughly engaged with the current cyber crime landscape and, most importantly, they understand the attackers’ mindsets.

The Cyber Approach to Learning

At Cyber Academy we pride ourselves in creating vibrant and engaging learning experiences. Our vision is to empower people through education that is tailored to suit individual and/or organisational needs, sector or unique environment. Our course material is unique as the user is encouraged to interact with the course content in order to sufficiently prepare them for real world challenges.


A combination of access to our interactive online course material and a face-to-face sessions.

face-to-face training

With face to face training it's possible to have a live interaction with a teacher or an instructor.


Up skill and train your staff through our fully online learning portal without taking time out of their working day.

awareness campaign

The Campaign fundamentally shift user behavior to be more information security conscious.



We cover the basics of keeping information safe both within the company and in your personal lives.
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A 3-hour workshop aimed at providing a more in-depth overview of all the security fundamentals at the user level and is targeted at staff who work with sensitive information.
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Approximately 6 hours and is customised to fit the industry and expertise level of your I.T.
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This cyber-attack simulator will help prepare your middle to upper management for the fall out to be expected once a high-level attack occurs. Preparing you for the inevitable damage.
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Learning Enhancement Campaign

The Campaign fundamentally shift user behavior to be more information security conscious. With repetition of audio-visual aids, the campaign has a high probability of success.

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