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This cyber-attack simulator will help prepare your middle to upper management for the fall out to be expected once a high-level attack occurs. Preparing you for the inevitable damage.

Course Info

  • Understand the need for or test your disaster recovery plans against a cyber attack. Prepare for and manage cyber incidents and practice dealing with the different stakeholders (press, clients, regulations, insurance,
    law etc.)
  • Management are forced to make difficult strategic business decisions under pressure with limited information. Learn how to deal with a
    cyber-attack in real time.
  • Acknowledging and understanding the potential cyber threats related
    to your company/ product and identify shortfalls in the current
    response plan. 
  • Damage to reputation & finances
  • Damaged systems and core business functions crucial for business continuity
  • Leaked information/ confidential data
  • Legal exposure to potential lawsuits
  • Regulatory exposure
  • Pro-actively develop a vigilant workforce
  • Empower employees to use good judgement with company resources
  • Protect the organisation’s resources from the inside out
  • Detect and contain system breach attempts early
  • Build a solid perimeter defence and monitoring solution


(Group Bookings)

Book Face-to-Face interactive sessions for your company/staff with one of our experienced hackers.
Face-to-face (Group Bookings)


(Group Bookings)
includes Cyber Posture & Certificate
  • Personal Interaction With Our Hacker
  • Face-to-Face Training
  • *Minimum Group Size of 12 People

*Terms and Conditions apply
All disbursements are for the account of the client. 
(Plane ticket and accommodation)

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