The cyber approach to


At Cyber Academy we pride ourselves in creating vibrant and engaging learning experiences. Our vision is to empower people through education that is tailored to suit individual and/or organisational needs, sector or unique environment. Our course material is unique as the user is encouraged to interact with the course content in order to sufficiently prepare them for real world challenges.

Through using a combination or interesting design elements, learning taxonomies and a digital pedagogy we guide the user through a series of multi-media learning activities. Real life situations are simulated where the user is offered the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment whilst seeing the effect of their choices and actions. 

Continuous assessment is offered through each course to ensure that you can easily track individual users. The user dashboard provides an overview of the enrolled courses and individual progress in each course. An automated and sophisticated back end saves time, simplifies grading and eliminates human error. 

The organisation can quickly and easily monitor progress and export statistics, course reports and results with the click of a button. Automatic certification allows for fast and effective recognition of achievements and competencies. Our courses are offered through various means of delivery, based on our client’s needs.

Blended Learning

A combination of access to our interactive online course material and a face-to-face session with our subject knowledge expert working within the specified field. This approach offers more flexibility to the individual to access digital course content in their own time but still wish to maintain the physical connection with our expert trainers.


Up skill and train your staff through our fully online learning portal without taking time out of their working day. Users can access our interactive course material from anywhere, at any time and work at a pace that suit each individual’s life style. Promote active and independent learning that is flexible and not dependent on staff, venue and/or trainer availability. eLearning offers a cost-effective solution aligned to the latest technological developments that is continuously measured through a sophisticated administration and reporting portal. Utilising the Cyber eLearning courses will enable your organisation to deliver the same content, in the same way to all of your employees whist offering the opportunity to interact with other team members that do not have access the the same physical office space.

Face- to-Face Training

With face to face training it’s possible to have a live interaction with a teacher or an instructor. That interaction occurs in person, which presents is the ability to discuss, collaborate, practice and role play, all ‘live’ and with guidance from a facilitator on hand. 

Being part of a group and held accountable are powerful learning tools, and these opportunities to apply learning are a good reason to bring employees together at the same time.

Awareness Campaigns

The Campaign fundamentally shift user behavior to be more information security conscious. With repetition of audio-visual aids, the campaign has a high probability of success. The variety of media used to reach the target audience, as well as test the audience, will make the content more memorable, thereby positively affecting the general knowledge of the organisation on matters of information security. We have enlisted the following different awareness activation’s to target the audience. All materials will be branded according to the clients CI.

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